The West Africa Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (WACPPE) is a subsidiary of Shida Healthcare LTD, with its headoffice in Abuja, Nigeria.

Shida Healthcare LTD was first registered in England and Wales in April 2018 with registration number 11318913. Then, it was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria in March 2022 with registration number 1907028 as a private company limited by shares.

The registered office of Shida Healthcare LTD in Nigeria is Abuja Diaries Ext, Gwagwalada, Nigeria.

The aim of Shida Healthcare LTD in establishing the West Africa Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (WACPPE) is for the WACPPE to become a leading provider of online pharmacy postgraduate courses in West Africa.

What to expect

At the start of each course, the objectives describe what you should be able to do when you complete that particular course. It is designed to help you monitor how you are progressing through the pack.

For each condition there will be:

  • a brief overview about the condition
  • consideration of any danger symptoms, including points at which to refer patients
  • conditions to consider when carrying out a differential diagnosis
  • over-the-counter (OTC) treatment options, with information about evidence base where it is available
  • practical tips, which often encompass non-drug treatment and measures to take to avoid recurrence of the ailment

Special considerations are described for many of the ailments, where extra care and advice is required from the pharmacist.

When a referral is indicated, it would be classed as either routine or urgent. An urgent referral is normally within six hours of contact. The time scale is only a guide and your own professional judgement on the severity of the symptoms and the general health of the patient will be useful to guide them.

Routine referral is suggested for any condition or symptom that does not require an emergency appointment or response, which often means that the patient can wait to visit their regular doctor.

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Get your course published

If you have produced, or are aware of, any guidelines or courses not currently published by the WACPPE, please contact us today to discuss.

For us to consider any working party guidelines or courses, they are required to meet the following criteria:

  • drawn up by a multidisciplinary group of experts in their field
  • each member of the group should be have at least 5 years working experience in their field
  • content of the guideline must be independent of, and not influenced by, commercial sponsorship of the working party
  • represents a clinical area rather than a drug or class of drugs


Rashidat Alao: Founder and Head of Publications

Samuel Kadiri: Administrator

Advertising and sponsorship

Advertising with the WACPPE will ensure your brand message reaches an engaged audience of pharmacists and healthcare professionals in West Africa.  We also offer a range of commissioned educational services, including events, webinars, and eLearning modules.

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